Shalom, Naomi,

We just want to thank you again for sharing your day off with us so generously.  Your jumping in and adapting was great, and clearly you have a gift as a tour guide.  Your explanations, stories, and even asking us questions drew us in and drew such a vivid outline of Jerusalem's many-faceted history. Your understanding of religion, politics, and people, as well as history, gave depth to our experience. This was a wonderful first day in Jerusalem that we will never forget. 

Take care, 
Lynn & Kevin


Israel tour guide


Naomi Segal is the best tour guide in Jerusalem!


Just spent two days with Naomi, and I MUST say that I was very impressed with her knowledge and terrific attitude. She clearly loves what's she does. Good for her! Her knowledge of all the little back Ally's and shortcuts is very impressive. It's almost like she grew up in the old city. 

Naomi is a licensed tour professional and a

university degreed historian. You could not

be in better hands. Really enjoyed it and

learned a great deal from her.

Highly recommended!


Trip Advisor, January 2015

Israel tour guide


Hey Naomi, 


I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful and delightful tours around the old city! 


Seriously, I am so grateful we found you and you helped connect us so much deeper to the land. My friend Jack tried to be our tour guide but had no idea what he was talking about! We learned so much. I love how you're all about showing how people can come together and live peacefully there. 


 Keep up the good work! 


All the best,




Israel tour guide



Jose, Debbie, Maureen and I wanted to thank you again for the great time.  This was the best tour and you really made this trip one of my favorites since living in Europe.  Israel has been my number one destination since moving out to Italy and really glad it finally happened and I got to see everything I wanted.


I'm spreading the news to all my coworkers to go to Israel and passing off your info. Again, thanks for everything.


Peter Cortez


Israel tour guide

Hi Naomi,


Miss you already!  I wanted to send you a note to thank you for one of the most amazing experiences of my life.  Our trip to Israel was truly enriched because of you and I wanted you to know how much I appreciated all of your enthusiasm, knowledge, and genuine love for what you do.  It shined through and just made it extra special for all of us.


I treasure the time I had there and hope to come back. Please stay safe and continue to do what you love.  Israel is a jewel and your are the jeweler.  You set the stones so beautifully. 


With love,


Mindy Dorfman



Israel tour guide

Dear Naomi,


We made the tour  through the Old City of Jerusalem with you on Nov, 2nd. We were very happy to have you as our guide. We really loved your competent and also charming style of presenting us those very special places.  We wish you all the best and pass on your contact data other Jerusalem and Israel travellers we know.


Best regards,




Israel tour guide

Naomi was fabulous. She was not only evenhanded, she was very respectful of all religious traditions, reminding us of their many similarities as well as differences. She was extremely well informed and entertaining as well. Very willing to answer questions. That tour was well worth it.


Trip Advisor, November 2013

Israel tour guide

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Naomi presented everything in such a comprehensive and balanced way. I felt so much more connected to the sites through her detailed descriptions. I asked many questions and never felt her knowledge limited in anyway. She also gave us a good understanding of the legitimacy of each historical site. She was literally a God-sent and we learned so much from her! I'm so happy we got to do that tour!


Trip Advisor, July 2014

Growing up in Israel, and visiting the Old City of Jerusalem very often, I was hoping I'll learn new information. With our guide Naomi I certainly did. I heard interesting stories and was shown unknown alleys (or at least unknown to me). my children 12, 10, 8 and 6 enjoyed the tour too, and were happy to learn lots of info. 


Trip Advisor, July 2012

Israel tour guide