Hi, nice to meet you! I'm Naomi, a licensed tour guide in Israel since 2010,

authorized to guide in English, Spanish and Hebrew.


A bit about myself - I was born in Israel, to English speaking parents who had

made 'Aliya' (immigrated to Israel), and grew up on a kibbutz in northern

Israel. I was raised on values of love for the land and its people. I am truly in

love with this land, its peoples, their cultures and what they represent.


Growing up I spent my weekends traveling around the country and exploring

its history. During my army service, as an Educational NCO, I found myself

doing the exact same thing for soldiers. It was then that I discovered my

true calling - becoming a tour guide. In 2010 I completed my studies to

become licensed tour guide in Israel and have been doing that ever since.

Later on was drawn to Jerusalem's magic and charm and moved there so I

could be close to it all. In Jerusalem I finished my BA (with distinction) in

History and Latin American Studies at the Hebrew University.


I am happy and proud to show others the true magic that is unique to Israel, and that makes people from all around the world fall in love with it.




I believe that each and every person visiting Israel deserves to explore, understand and enjoy this country with a licensed tour guide who puts her all in it and does it not only for a living but for the love of it. 


Not only am I a passionate speaker and a story teller, I am also curious to hear your own views and observations. I’d love to sit with you over a cup of coffee or a plate of hummus during my time with you and share thoughts and impressions.


I take my job seriously and therefore I constantly read and study in order to deepen and broaden my knowledge in the many and varied fields connected to my work - history, archeology, theology, geography, architecture, new discoveries and current affairs (to name but a few!).  


As one born and raised in Israel, growing up, living, studying and working amongst people of numerous faiths, beliefs, ethnicities and cultures, I come from a very respectful point of view, based on the knowledge I have gained of the different religions, their faiths, history and ways of life.


Together, we will explore, understand, learn and experience this beautiful country,

always doing it with a great big smile :-)  





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